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Shoping for Women Ralph Lauren Polo

You will definitely not be forgiven by the entire fashion enthusiasts fraternity for think that polo shirts are only made for men. There is an insurgent of new companies that are now manufacturing female polo shirts. There is a wide variety of Ralph Lauren polo shirts that are tailor-made for women in the market. If you intend to purchase one, please consider the following factors to get value for your money.


Just like men's polo shirts, it is important to consider the size of the polo before making the purchase. Knowing your specific body size will help you make this decision. For instance, there is a difference between XL and XXL. You do not have to worry too much about this though, the personnel at the shop can help you pick the right one.

Body Posture

As a woman, you need to choose a shirt that complements or showcases your unique body curves to the world. Hence, it is recommendable to choose a polo that fits you right and complements your figure. A baggy polo will do you no justice if you have a small chest. Again, you should ask for assistance from one of the store attendants or try it out before arriving at your final decision.


First, you should choose a polo whose color complements your skin color. Secondly, consider the type and color of the pants and shoes that you intend to wear with the polo. Some women even go an extra match and match the polo not only with their pants and shoes but also with the color of their hair.

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